These Glow in the Dark Murals Hide a Message Only Revealed at Night

In the daylight, the urban murals of Reskate Studio appear to be simple silhouettes. Bunnies, loaves of bread and ringed planets stretch across walls like white shadows. But as the sun goes down, these simple shapes reveal their more complex secrets.


María López and Javier de Riba, the duo that operates under the name Reskate Studio, create these double murals by using photo luminescent paint to hide a second image inside the first one.


The special paint is made using ingredients like silver-activated zinc, sulphide and doped strontium aluminate, that combine to give it a luminous, blue-green appearance.

The duo uses this unique method to offer commentary on world issues, express tensions and raise deep questions, just by the symbolic layering of certain images.

For example, this piece in the Spanish city of Zaragoza, created for Action Against Hunger, invites us to think about the power of involvement to find effective solutions against huger.

glow-8 glow-9Another wall in Romania titled ‘Unawareness’ , represents how the space race between the USSR and USA has caused the slowing of scientific advances, relating to deep sea exploration.

By day the mural is a ringed planet. At night it transforms into a deep sea diving helmet.

glow-in-the-dark-murals-reskate-studio-3glow-7To see more of Reskate Studio’s street art, go to


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