Google Maps Has Invented Time Travel, Sort Of

time machine 1

Alright, so Google doesn’t have an actual time machine that will transport you back to 1999 so you can finally use that smooth line on your high school crush and win her heart forever. The are however making it a little easier for you to see what that traffic intersection near your house looked like before the new Burger King was built. So, that’s kinda cool, right?

We all know that Google Maps allows you to see the current street view of a location, but now you’ll be able to transport to the past and see it from 1999, or whatever year you choose. If you look up a location and it has a time window in the upper left corner, you can transport back in time to see how much (or little) things have changed.


Granted, this function is probably a lot more applicable and interesting if you live in a constantly changing city. But I’m sure there’s some changes going on in Marion, Ohio every now and then. Until that DeLorean hits 88 mph, this is the best we’ve got.


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