The ‘Googly Eye Movement’ is Taking Over the Streets All Around the World

A new and adorable movement has erupted quite unexpectedly in recent times, and it’s making the streets a whole lot friendlier. Novelty googly eyes have been popping up on trash cans, cracked pavement and tree trunks across the world, with the help of a non profit organization called The Googly Eye Foundation (GEF).

They’ve recently launched a digital platform where you can ask and receive sets of googly eyes for free, become a part of the movement, and get to humanize your community’s telegraph poles and post boxes. A representative from the foundation explained that the foundation has members spreading googly eyed faces over 3 continents.

One avid proponent of of the movement is Bulgarian artist Vanyu Krustev aka ‘Eyebombing Bulgaria’, who searches for broken and imperfect street objects to bring to life with artfully placed eyes.

Be sure to visit to get your own set of free googly eyes and get to brighten up your community, because in the words of the GEF: “Every human being has the right to spread googly eyes.”

Visit to get your own pack of googly eyes delivered, or visit their Instagram to get your daily fix.


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