GoPro Shark Attack Video Shows What It’s Like to Be a Shark’s Dinner


If you’ve ever seen Jaws and followed it up with a day at the beach, you’ve probably nervously wondered what it’s like to be shark chum.

Somehow a guy with a GoPro beat Shark Week to the punch and rigged up a camera to show just how fast and deadly these predators are.

The video was filmed back in July in Ocean City, Maryland by dropping a Gopro HD Hero 3 black in the water and housing it in a patent pending device called a PelagicView dredge. To capture the mako shark’s bite the team trolled the Atlantic waters between 6 to 7 knots aboard a sea vessel called (drum roll please)… Pumpin’ Hard. I’m going to go ahead and assume the boat is owned by an adult film producer. Just saying…

Watch the video and realize just how pathetic your swimming skills really are.

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