EVAK, New Food Container System Aims to Lock Air Out Completely


While plasticware currently reigns supreme in the battle to keep leftovers safe, a new product aims to keep food fresh with glass and stainless steel.

EVAK is new Kickstarter by designer Ed Kilduff of Pollen Design and will not only keep food fresher, but safer too.

“Plastics have been proven to leach chemicals into food. Even “BPA- free” plastics that don’t contain bisphenol A are now being reported to contain other chemicals that mimic estrogen, leading to birth defects, cancer and other health issues.”

Nothing ruins a good bowl of cereal like the threat of birth defects.

The project has been underway for two years, fine tuning the prototypes for a May 2014 release. The containers look like jars with locks on top, and that’s essentially what they air. Locking out air, and locking in freshness. Just watch the video judge for yourself…

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