Guillermo del Toro Wants to Destroy Hong Kong with ‘Pacific Rim’

Monster movies have been a Hollywood staple since Tinseltown first started pumping out horror flicks. Seriously, who hasn’t seen at least some of Godzilla? Guillermo del Toro aims to change the way audiences view the traditional monster movie, mainly by unleashing a battle on the shores of Hong Kong of gargantuan proportions.

To give you a little backstory, Pacific Rim is about a bunch of monsters that rise out of the ocean depths to destroy mankind. In order to combat them we build our own giant monster robots to fight them to the death. It’s nothing totally groundbreaking, but that’s where the VFX of Industrial Light & Magic’s John Knoll come in to create what Wired has reported as a 20-minute kaiju-versus-mecha brawl that involves robots using boats as clubs to whoop-up on sea monsters. The word that comes to mind here is “awesome.”

Del Toro is known for having a particular taste when it comes to the color of his films and Pacific Rim is no different. Expect some Italian reds and blues with a heavy influence of Hong Kong itself of course.

“When you go to Hong Kong the thing that is so impressive and beautiful is the sort of neon-color night,” said del Toro. “There is literally a time when the night is falling in Hong Kong that there is a light show that all the buildings do and the night becomes almost like a living comic book.”

Expect the Hong Kong destruction to start July 12th.

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Images Via WB

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