Watch a Regular Dude Sneak into a Hollywood Party and Convince People He Won an Oscar

If you want people to think your a success, dress and act like you already are. Apparently, the same goes if you want people to think you’re an Oscar winner, of course it helps if you’re carrying around a replica statuette of a Oscar, but those probably aren’t too hard to find on the internet.

Mark David Christenson wanted to find out just how gullible people in the entertainment biz were and decided to see if he could sneak his way into a party under the guise of being an Academy Award winner. To make his prank as convincing as possible, Christenson digitally inserted himself onto the Academy Award’s stage accepting the award that he didn’t win. Not surprisingly, as soon as he stepped out onto the street people wanted to ask him about his award and get a photo with him. Cuz people looooove being near famous people, even if the famous person isn’t really famous at all.


The real test, though, would be getting pass the security at the posh Hollywood parties. Christenson had little trouble, and after letting a few bouncers fondle his fake Oscar, he was inside the party throwing back free drinks and hobnobbing with the Hollwyood elite.

No word yet on what Christenson plans to do to top his Hollywood stunt. Maybe he could try his hand at sneaking into North Korea.


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