Zoe Saldana Shows Her Gratitude For Her Personal Hero

Most of us have a personal hero. Our siblings, a grandparent, maybe a teacher or scout leader. Someone to guide us along the way of adolescence and bestow us with the knowledge that only an adult who has lived through life’s various experiences really knows about. For actress Zoe Saldana, that personal hero is her mother. Zoe grew up in a simple home and it was her mother that she remembers giving her home a feeling of warmth and friendliness. After she lost her father in a tragic car accident in 1988, her mother was left devastated but kept on going for the sake of her three children.

“I’ve never met anybody with the strength that my mom has,” said Zoe. “Strict and stern, but a very loving and flexible mother at the same time.”

To show her gratitude for all that she’s done, Zoe and her sisters surprised their mother with a trip to Puerto Rico. They set up the scenario as a mock birthday for their sister and then announced to their mother that they would be going to Puerto Rico as a tribute honoring her for all she’s done for them.


Obviously, not everyone has the financial means to treat their personal heroes to an island vacation, but if you’re lucky enough to still have your hero in your life, show them how much they mean to you. Life’s short and too often we forget to tell those that are dear to us that we appreciate all they’ve done. Take them to lunch, send them a card, buy them a beer, or just ring them up for a casual chat. It’s the little things that make a difference and if you’re lucky, one day you might have somebody that considers YOU their hero.

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