WestJet Makes Children’s Christmas Wishes Come True in Adorable Video

Each year, millions of families across the globe struggle to give their children a merry Christmas. WestJet wanted to do something to ensure that some children and their families had a little less to worry about this season and set out to bring some of Santa’s cheer to the Dominican Republic.

The adorable video showcases children and their families sitting on a sleigh and speaking with Santa Claus via video conference call as they share their wishes. One little boy asks for a new toy car and a father asks Santa for a new engine for his taxi cab so that he’s able to provide his family with food and shelter.


Hearing these wishes the WestJet team put together a beach party for the children and their families in a town in the Dominican Republic. It’s at the party that the children and their families are surprised with the gifts on their wish list (including that new car engine) and a snowball fight — not an easy task to pull off in the Dominican Republic. The whole thing is incredibly touching and sure to touch the heart of even the most cynical of Christmas grinches.


After the holiday gift giving and appearance by a blue-clad Santa Claus, the party came to a rousing finale with a fireworks show that lit up the night sky. As a way of giving back to the community and ensuring that the children have a little joy in their lives the whole year round, the kids got a new playground. If you’re not reaching for tissues by the end of the video, hit the replay button, because the message rings clear: tis better to give than to receive.





























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