Jacqueline M. Wood Parties Around the Globe on New E! Show


No matter how good you think you’ve got it at your job, Jacqueline M. Wood has probably got you beat. “She’s the new CEO of a chocolate factory run by bikini models?” you ask. Not quite, but it’s reported that as the new host of E!’s “Party On!”, Wood will be living the cushy life of a jet-setting party animal and getting paid for it.

Wood is best know as a soap actress, appearing in “The Bold and the Beautiful”, but in her new job, she’ll be hosting a travel/nightlife show, doing things like partying until dawn in Ibiza and cliff diving in St. Tropez. Now if a party/travel show hosted by a beautiful woman on the E! channel sounds vaguely familiar, that’s probably because you caught it on TV at 1am, back in the 90s with Brooke Burke. But that was called “Wild On!” And this is “Party On!” They’re clearly very different.

The show will premiere on December 5, and you can bet on two things for certain: beaches and babes. Sounds like a good time.




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