Lucid Dreamers Produce Faster Brainwaves Than Anyone Else


If you’re unfamiliar with lucid dreaming it’s the ability to not only be fully aware during dreaming, but being able to alter the content of the dream to one’s desire. It’s something that few people are actually capable of.

Researchers now believe that people who do have lucid dreams produce the fastest brainwaves ever recorded. Mind Unleashed reports that a 2009 study at the Neurological Laboratory in Frankfurt indicated lucid dreamers produce gamma brainwaves that operate at 40Hz +. The dreamers are more self-aware and conscious in this state than when compared to a fully awake state of consciousness. The brain is using more power during lucid dreaming than any other state of sleep or normal awareness.

Not much is known about the phenomenon, but imagine if a time came when we could all lucid dream and communicate through those dreams. Who knows what possibilities might be possible in such an alternate reality. Just imagine, if you were able to control every aspect of a dream — nothing would be impossible. Would you ever want to awake from such a limitless alternate reality?

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