How To Make Your Bed The Most Comfortable Place Ever

Your bed should be a sanctuary of comfort, some place you can unwind, relax, and most importantly get some REALLY good sleep. Maybe you’ve bought the perfect mattress to suit your sleep needs, but even if you haven’t there are still some ways you can maximize the mattress you have to make your bed as comfortable as possible.

Layer on the padding

For a super comfy bed, you need to layer on the extras and add a few other things to create the perfect combination for you. But first, get a good mattress protector to protect it against dirt and dust mites. Also, check out a memory foam mattress pad. They come in various sizes, generally 1 1/2- 2 inches is good.


Get the right pillows

There are different pillows depending on how you sleep. Side sleepers need a firm pillow, stomach sleepers need a thinner pillow, and back sleepers need a medium pillow.


Take comfort in your comforter

Choose a comforter that is appropriate for the seasons and your climate, also consider how heavy of a comforter feels good to you. When choosing a comforter/duvet, you will want to evaluate loft, fill power, weight, and the various types of filler.

That’s really all there is to it. No need for 14 pillows, a bed skirt or fancy leather headboard. That stuff is fine if you want it, but building a comfy bed to lay your head on is really all about finding what’s the most comfortable to you.

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