Mix Fire Ants With Molten Aluminum And What You Get Will Blow Your Mind


You might have a hard time finding somebody who actually likes fire ants. The pesky insects have been known to ruin many a day by crawling up one’s leg and unleashing a painful bite.

What you might not expect to find though is some incredibly beautiful art made with fire ants. Anthill Art makes casts of fire ant colonies with molten aluminum. Yes, a few thousand ants die in the process, but it’s still a cooler alternative to calling up the exterminator to spray poisonous pesticides all over your yard.

The artist simply pours the molten aluminum inside the anthill, waits a few minutes for it to cool off, then digs it up and washes it clean with a hose. The result is an amazing cast that shows an intricate underground metropolis.

This is most definitely the coolest video you’ll see today.

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