The First ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Trailer is Finally Here


Get ready for a lot of futuristic cyborg fighting mixed in with a healthy dose of “What the hell is going on here?”

“Edge of Tomorrow” is a bit “Call of Duty” and a bit “Groundhog Day.” Tom Cruise plays a futuristic soldier who keeps dying on the battlefield of the alien wars, only to wake up not knowing who he is, and forced to fight and die again. Cruise plays Lt. Lt. Col. Bill Cage, who somehow gets stuck in a time-loop that sends him back to the war after each time he’s killed. Emily Blunt plays a fellow solider who that helps him get closer to victory with each new life. Basically, it’s the concept of every video game you’ve ever played — only now a Hollywood blockbuster.

The epic sci-fi flick hits the big screen next June and already has penned #LiveDieRepeat as its hashtag.

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