A New App Is Here To Save Us From ‘Vertical Video Syndrome’


It’s 2014 and some people still don’t know how to hold their phone when shooting video. Sideways. Always sideways, people.

Luckily, the world’s brightest minds have taken notice of the problem and created an app that corrects the phone faux pas. The app called, Horizon, was created by Evil Window Dog and automatically films in landscape mode, no matter how clueless the person holding the phone is.

The app cost a measly .99 cents, all you’ve got to do now is convince your mom to download it (or swipe her phone and download it for her yourself). Like any new and terrific piece of technology though, there is a catch — at the moment it’s only available on phones running iOS 7 or higher.

Hopefully, by 2015 this will come standard on every new phone and we can finally say goodbye to vertical video syndrome along with small pox, Milli Vanilli and other horrible things.

Via HyperVocal

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