Old Computer Parts Find New Life in the Form of Beautiful Insect Sculptures



These bugs might look like something from a science fiction novel because of their computer circuit board bodies, but are part of the artistic series “Computer Component Bugs” by UK-based artist Julie Alice Chappell.

Julie stumbled upon the idea of recycling parts from old computers and videogame systems when she came across a big box of tiny electronic components at the Beneficial Foundation in Portsmouth. The center specializes in taking unwanted parts from companies and finding new use for them by donating them to artists, schools, and youth groups. Julie said she knew as soon as she saw the box that something beautiful could be made from the old parts. “The first thing that came into my head when I looked at them was, ‘a mass of tiny bodies and legs…ants!’ I took them home to my children and we made ants.”

The metallic greens and bright yellow circuit boards with their intricate wiring are perfect for creating butterfly and dragonfly sculptures, and have been popular with fans on Etsy. With her sculptures she hopes people will be a little more aware of environmental waste and be creative with their recycling.

“The recycled bits of cultural refuse that are woven throughout my work represent a direct encounter with the excesses of modern living highlighting the dangers of planned obsolescence and e-waste in the environment.







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