Pimple-Faced Fast Food Employees Are Being Replaced By Robots


Teenagers of the future may have to look elsewhere for employment than the fast food industry. That’s because food making robots are now a thing that exist. Yes, this is your future.

Just as Red Box helped put Blockbuster Video’s final nails in the coffin, Box Brands is doing the same to fast food employees with their line of food preparing robo-boxes. The most successful thus far is Burritobox, an orange vending machine-looking box that can prepare up to six different kinds of burrito with “fresh” ingredients. There are already two on Santa Monica Boulevard inside Mobile and 76 gas stations reports Singularity Hub.

The Florida-based Box Brands launched in 2011 and aims to market its robo-burrito-makers to gas stations and convenience stores. Forget about asking a human to complete the painstaking process of microwaving your burrito, simply push a few buttons and have a robotic slave wrap the tasty burrito while you wait.

“But what I’m in the mood for pizza or a burger?” you ask. Well, not to be outdone but Burritobox, Momentum Machines has its own line of robotic food slingers that can supposedly crank out 360 burgers in an hour (toppings included)and a pizza making bot that cooks the pies in an infrared oven.


Maybe you want something a little more suitable for your refined palate. Asia has a line of Sushibots that can crank out some 3,600 rolls an hour, far more than any sushi chef.

Now if you want an attitude of indifference with your order, a teenage worker at the mall food court is still your best bet.

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