Pandas Invade Paris! Pandas Invade Paris!

Pandas Invade Paris!

Pandas are invading Paris, Berlin, Lyon, Frankfurt and Bordeaux! The wave of panda bears is the project of Paulo Grangeon, who hand made and painted the 1,600 paper-mache bears.


The project titled, “Paper Panda” aims to bring the importance of conservation with each paper panda representing one of the 1,600 pandas that are in existence. The pandas may have similar markings but each panda has different expressions and attitude.


The wave of paper-mache bears delight tourists and children who are eager to snap a photo with the pandas, and hopefully at the same time, can leave more aware of how endangered these animals are.


The project plans to take the paper bears to the species’ home country of China later this year, making stops in Beijing, Hong Kong and Taipei.

panda10 panda3 panda4 panda5 panda6 panda7

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