Real American Innovation & No, It’s not Angry Birds

With all of focus on software, social apps, games, and the “technologification” of our lives, its easy to lose focus of the fact that there are a lot of companies around the US tackling real problems that can’t be solved by leveling up in Mine Craft. Below, we toast to some of the companies that have a hand building America into where it’s going tomorrow.

Take Hayden Flour Mills for instance. No, grains aren’t particularly exciting, but everyone needs to eat and the work they’re doing at Hayden Flour Mills could potentially end famine for those living in arid climates. They’ve cultivated a grain 17 years in the making that requires less fertilizer, less water and thrives in the soil of arid climates.

“We’re not trying to go back in time, but capturing an authentic time,” Zimmerman says of his tiny mill that turns grains that haven’t been grown in the state for decades into flours that are sought after by Phoenix’s top chefs.

Hayden Flour Mills is just one of many American companies working to build the next great chapter in America’s workforce history. mills

Idaho Candy Company
Dave Wagers, owner of Idaho Candy Company is proud of the legacy that his company carries. They use many of the old candy molds from when the company was started in 1901. And while the candy bars might retain their classic flavor, Idaho Candy Company continues to adapt the their environment and forge on. candy

Hubbardton Forge
Vermont blacksmith shop Hubbardton Forge creates hand-made steel lighting fixtures that aren’t just industry mainstays, they’re works of art. The company plans double its $38 million in sales over the next five years and create more American jobs. forge

Chris-Craft boats have seen some rough sees over the years, but have steered through recession and bankruptcy to reclaim the original vision of founder Christopher Columbus Smith. The company continues to make American-made boats that its original founder would be proud of and that its current customers can enjoy for generations to come. chris-craft

An Airstream trailer is one of the most recognizable sights on an American highway and have been an icon of adventure for more than 80 years. The company is not only committed to its product, but to its workers, cultivating an engaging workforce and giving back to its employees in more ways than just a paycheck. airstream

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