Two Point Lead Injects the Sports World with a Dose of Humor

Sports and comedy are a match made in heaven in terms of entertainment. With all of the egos floating around in the sports world, scandals, and insane fans, comedians don’t have to look far for material.

Sports has been fodder for shows like SNL, Comedy Central’s Sport’s Dome, and late-night talk shows for years and now it’s making its way to the web. AOL has recently launched 2 Point Lead a new online series that has some of NYC’s best comedians giving their take on the day’s sports news as well as original sketches.

Tom Brady’s deflated balls and the NBA playoffs are fair game, but the series also delves into the lifestyle of a hardcore sports fan, such as Mr. Throwback, a look at one of Gotham’s most well-known proprietors of classic memorabilia. Looking for a mid-90s NBC Sports varsity jacket? He’s got it.


The series will tackle — no pun intended — every aspect of being a sports fan including which sports fans are they worst. “The Titans, they should play in jean shorts,” joked comedian Sherrod Small. Check out all of the videos and stay tuned to AOL for new episodes of 2 Point Lead.

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