We Live in a Sad, Sad World According to This Artist’s Satirical Illustrations

Steve Cutts is a London-based illustrator who uses his talents to comment on the dire state of today’s world. Inspired by ‘the insanity of humanity’, his work shines a spotlight on the complacency of humankind, the rise of social media, consumerism, capitalism and addiction to technology amongst other issues of modern life.

His illustrations can be a little disturbing but will always invite you to pause and reflect about the way our society works. For Cutts, we are all consumer-driven individuals that neglect nature and are never satisfied with what we have, always thriving for more food, TV, goods and gadgets to possess. We are rats pursuing money instead of happiness, working ourselves to death for no reason at all. We are missing the point of life.

Scroll through this gallery of Cutts’ illustrations and take a few minutes to understand their messages and meditate about things you maybe hadn’t before.

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