Suge Knight Running a Guy Down is Newest Chapter in his History of Violence

Remember Suge Knight? The cigar-puffing Founder of Death Row Records who looks like a Spider-Man villain with real-life villain tendencies? Well, as you might have heard he’s in trouble for running a dude over after an argument on a movie set with Dr. Dre, the Game, and Ice Cube. LA Times says that a fight broke out between Suge and two crew members at the set in Compton and allegedly Suge jumped in his car, threw it in reverse and plowed over somebody. A 55-year-old man is reported dead and a 51-year-old man is injured.

Suge is supposedly saying that he feared for his safety because of his poor health from an earlier incident. Hmm, gee, Suge, which incident could you be referring to? Maybe THAT INCIDENT OVER THE SUMMER WHERE YOU GOT INTO SOME BEEF AT A CHRIS BROWN PARTY AND GOT SHOT SIX TIMES.

Of course this is really just a new chapter in the sordid history of Suge Knight. Let’s review a few of his previous entries in the crime logs.

In the 1990s Suge was arrested for everything from assault for beating up a guy in an elevator in Las Vegas following a Mike Tyson fight, to chasing a dj out of a club after learning the dj played an unreleased Tupac track without Suge’s permission.

In October of last year he was arrested for paling around with Katt Williams (not sure who’s a bad influence on who here) and stealing a photographer’s camera. In November he pleaded guilty to the charge and could face prison time.
While Suge might have been able to get charges reduced to some county jail time or highway cleanup duty for the theft, running a guy over is much, much bigger rap to beat.

At this point, with Dr. Dre and Ice Cube both being REALLY successful moguls in entertainment, have to be getting tired of being associated with Suge Knight’s antics.


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