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What’s the future of education? The guru of education gives us a big hint.

I am with my friend Jeff as we drive to the airport to pick up Sugata. I only know him from his TED video, which has been watched a gazillion times and forwarded to me by various friends throughout the years. I have little expectation as I’ve become accustomed to meeting people and finding them far different than their online personas. Almost as if...

A single litter of pups could mark the beginning of a red wolf resurgence

Conservationists are hoping a new litter of red wolf pups will spark new life for the species.

Video of Dad Shaving His Head For His Daughter Will Warm Your Heart

Hair is one of humanity’s most central ways to communicate our mood, our personality, our unique style, and our identities with the world around...

Twin Pandas’ First 100 Days is the Dose of Good We All Need Right Now

Last year, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) announced some good news for giant pandas. The iconic bears had been upgraded from...