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Unveiling San Diego’s Best-Kept Secrets: 5 Hidden Gems You Didn’t Know Existed!

San Diego, with its iconic beaches and renowned attractions, is a city brimming with hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Beyond the well-known tourist spots such as The San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park, there lies a tapestry of lesser-explored gems that showcase the diversity and charm of this Southern California haven. 1. Torrey Pines Gliderport Perched atop the rugged cliffs of La Jolla, the Torrey...

Harmony for the Holidays: Mastering the Art of Mediating Family Conflict

The holiday season, known for joy and togetherness, can also bring familial tension to the foreground. Whether it's lingering issues or the stress of coordinating schedules, family conflicts often peak during this time. In such instances, effective mediation becomes crucial to preserve the holiday spirit and maintain familial bonds. Understanding the Roots of Family Conflict Family conflicts can arise from unresolved disagreements, communication breakdowns, or the...

Shadows From Everyday Objects Spring to Live in Artist’s Imaginative Doodles

Artist Vincent Bal transforms simple shadows into fun and creative doodles.

This child’s Guinness World Record is Truly a Miracle

Curtis Means had an uphill battle from the day he was born, but he beat the odds and became a world record-holder in the process.

He invented a hand-cranked washing machine, then gave it away for a very good reason

Navjot Sawhney is on a mission to make washing clothes not such a chore for refugees around the world.

Revolutionary Winged Microchips are Smaller Than An Ant

Winged microchips are no bigger than the tip of a pencil and could be used for data collection.

A Carpenter Is Saving Toronto’s Homeless From Freezing, One Mobile Shelter At A Time

Khaleel Seivwright doesn't have a solution for Toronto's homeless problem, but the carpenter is still trying to help.

This Theme Park is Designed to Lift the Spirits of Sick Children

Neal McCord works a job that most people at first glance would think twice about having. He is the vice president of project management...

Husband Spent Years Planting Thousands of Flowers For His Blind Wife

Mr and Mrs Kuroki moved to a dairy farm in rural Japan shortly after marrying in 1956. They began their life together, raising two...

Man Removes Swastika Tattoos After Befriending African American Parole Officer

Colorado resident Michael Kent spent over twenty years of his life hating people who were different than him. He participated in violent neo-Nazi demonstrations...

Dad Turns Sick Kids Into Superheroes in This Epic Photoshoot

In October last year, photographer John Rossi got a lot of attention for transforming his 3-year-old daughter into Wonder Woman for Halloween and staging...

This Man Befriends KKK Members and Convinces Them to Leave the Group

Daryl Davis is an electrifying musician. The accomplished blues piano player has performed with rock n' roll icons like Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee...

This Family Won $429 Million at the Lottery, and Used it in the Best Possible Way

A New Jersey family is taking the expression "pay it forward" to heart and plans to use their lottery winnings to do some real...

“Robin Hood Restaurant” Charges the Rich to Feed the Poor

Move over Disney, step aside Sir Connery and Russell Crowe—there’s a new Robin Hood in town, and it is serving up a feast of...