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5 Up & Coming Areas of Las Vegas

Las Vegas, widely recognized for its vibrant nightlife, entertainment, and gaming industry, is so much more than the Las Vegas Strip, which draws millions of visitors every year. As the city expands and diversifies, several neighborhoods are emerging as exciting areas of growth and opportunity. Here's a look at five up-and-coming areas of Las Vegas that are capturing attention for their unique offerings. Ascension Summerlin Ascension...

5 Foods to Avoid After a Nose Piercing

Did you know that 19% of women in the U.S. have nose piercings? Are you getting it pierced? If you just had a nose piercing and you've wondered what foods to avoid while it heals, you're at the right place! Whether you're getting a new one or trying to survive one with a new piercing, it's best to avoid certain foods to ensure that they heal as...

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