Taking Your Career To The Next Level In The Triangle Area With Kids: Tips For Success

The Triangle Area has a perfect balance of career opportunities for professionals and areas that are great to raise a family in. The educational opportunities are immense with some of the best universities in the country within driving distance. The public school system is also quite healthy in the Triangle, and North Carolina has some of the best schools in the country at the elementary and high school levels. The industries in the city are booming as the population has, on average, great educational backgrounds. The only drawback is that getting a job can be very competitive. Below are tips to find that balance between a growing career and being active with your family. 

Trusting Quality Preschools 

Finding quality preschools in Raleigh NC depends on your and your children’s needs. There are so countless options around the Triangle Area that might be a good fit, so it’s important to take the time to research your options. You might find some are more like daycare while others have a curriculum and others have both a daycare and preschool program. Finding a school that you and your child trust will help your child develop socially and academically and can provide peace of mind. Taking your career to new heights can be difficult when constantly wondering about childcare the child is receiving, so choosing a trusted childcare facility is of utmost importance both for you and your child.

Hybrid Work Environments 

Hybrid work environments not only allow parents to be at home more, but it provides valuable flexibility. You may find that you have time to take your children to school, and you can squeeze in extra quality time. On the other hand, if you have an infant, you may need to stay at home and care for them. In that case, having a remote or hybrid job allows you to care for your child and give them the hands-on attention that they need. 

Consistently Look For Better Job Roles

The world of job listings can be vast so setting alerts for jobs with certain specifications can be wise. You can apply for a few jobs a week but you should never stop looking. You might find a similar position that you can make far more money in. A number of entrepreneurs use the Raleigh area as a launching site due to the talent they can find. Getting in on the ground level at a startup can have immense financial rewards in the future. 

Be Realistic About Workload

Taking on too much can take time away from your family or the social activities you enjoy. Many professionals tend to overload themselves in hopes of receiving a promotion. However, it’s important to bear in mind that if the quality of your work decreases with an increased workload, you may be cannibalizing your work. For example, your coworkers may be selected for a promotion even though they handled a fraction of the work you did. If you honestly feel that you deserve a raise or a promotion, be honest with your supervisor and state why you should get a promotion. Do not fall for the trap of taking on extra responsibilities without extra pay as so many professionals are shifted to a position with more responsibilities that deserve more in compensation. Timing yourself can give you an accurate idea of what you can actually accomplish on a given day or week.

Find that balance in the Triangle that allows you to be present for your family and advance your career. There might be a trial and error period before the balancing act is perfected. Just be patient with yourself and continuously work to improve in ways that best suit your lifestyle. 

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