Grab a Tissue, This ATM Dispenses Life-Changing Surprises

It’s always nice to get an earnest thank you, no matter what the circumstances. A new video of TD Bank paying some thanks to its loyal customers has gone viral and it’s easy to see why.

The heartwarming video has captured people’s attention across the globe and has obviously been a life-changing experience for some of the folks in the video. As part of the bank’s #TDThanksYou campaign, four TD locations across Canada set up special ATMs at their branches to target customers and deliver a surprise that is anything but an ordinary trip to the bank. In fact, this ATM wasn’t an automated teller machine at all, it was an “Automated Thanking Machine” equipped to interact with customers and bestow them with some pretty fantastic surprises.

The feel-good video captures customers a bit confused at first, but that confusion quickly turns to joy for a young boy who gets a free $20 from the machine. While some free cash is always nice, other customers were thanked with truly once-in-a-lifetime surprises. You’ll have to watch the video yourself to see just how joyous the ATM visit became for some of TD’s customers. Just have a tissue ready.

While the video is obviously done to generate business for TD Bank, it’s refreshing to see the company has shifted its focus to giving back instead of just drumming up another advertising campaign. Chris Stamper, senior vice president of corporate marketing for TD Bank Group, told their mission was to cut through some of cynicism associated with banking business. “What’s really resonated is that it’s so genuine, so real. It’s real customers, that is their real reaction,” Stamper said.

TD Bank can obviously consider their ATM surprise a success with the video having generated over 22 million views since its release. More importantly though, a mother and daughter were reunited and a family got a chance to visit the happiest place on Earth for the very first time. A thank you really can go a long way.

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