How We’ll Evolve and Most Likely Become Immortal in the Next 1,000 Years

In the last few hundred years, the human race has advanced by leaps and bounds. Changes in the way that we live seem to happen faster than one could say ‘evolution’. After throwing technology and the internet into the mix, our progress as a species has hit warp speed.

In just 65 years, the global average lifespan has increased by 20 years. Now, we are facing the fusion of biology with technology, and who knows where that will take us? Tech Insider recently published a fascinating video that reflects on the changes humans have experienced in the recent past, and uses these as a reference point to predict how we might evolve over the next 1,000 years.

According to the clip, we will be taller and possibly immune to disease and aging due to gene editing technology. We will merge with machines to enhance our health, senses and abilities. But the most exciting and unbelievable prediction of all? Tech Insider believes we will achieve immortality. Watch the clip below to find out how.

While some find it exciting and some others find it unnerving, speculating about the future of the human race is irresistible to most. It’s that inherent human curiosity that has propelled us this far, after all.

In another clip, AsapScience predicts that we will have darker skin and thinner bodies, as an adaptation to the effects of global warming. Genetic mutations may produce a new eye color, or unique abilities. Like Tech Insider, AsapScience also predicts we will conquer death. By scanning our brains on to computers atom by atom, we could transport or copy our consciousness across continents or even through space.

While it’s impossible to accurately predict the future, it sure satisfies the inner Sci-Fi nerd to try!

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