That Teacher Who Wore The Same Sweater Vest for 40 Years Is Going Hollywood

Dale Irby, a man, a teacher, an avid wearer of a mustard colored sweater vest. Before the internet caught onto his “amazing” story he was just another 63-year-old retired phys ed teacher. Then a gleaming insight into the man was revealed – he wore the same sweater vest for 40 years. That’s right, 40 freakin’ years, his entire career! That’s called commitment, kids.

dale irby

Now his story of perseverance and tumble-dry cotton is about to be told on the silver screen. Okay, not actually, but Break did do a pretty good mock trailer for what his story would look like if it were developed by Aaron Sorkin.

The pain, the drama, the triumph – it’s all pure Dale Irby

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