This French Artist Turns Chapel Ceilings Into Virtual Galaxies

As part of an all-night street festival in Paris this year, artist Miguel Chevalier transformed the ceiling of an ancient chapel into a canvas for an ever-evolving virtual reality sky chart produced in real time.

Using the incredible architecture of the Saint-Eustache Church, Miguel projected 35 different colored networks. They stretched out between the chancel vaults, the central nave, the transept crossing and the two transepts.


Sinuous webs of color danced and glowed in response to the movement of visitors below, creating an ever-renewed, interactive universe.

The mesmerizing installation, titled Voûtes Celestes, was accompanied by the improvisational organ music of Baptiste-Florian Marle-Ouvrard. Visitors were invited to lie down on the floor and become immersed in the virtual galax and opulent sounds rippling around the chapel’s walls.

voutes-celestes-2016-miguel-chevalier-paris-5voutes-celestes-2016-miguel-chevalier-paris-7 miguel_chevalier_05

Watch a video of the installation in action here.

Nuit Blanche 2016

The installation was part of the Nuit Blanche (sleepless night) festival on October 1st this year. Nuit Blanche is a decade-old free carnival of arts and culture where for one night, from 7pm to 7am, art takes over the city of Paris.

15519671-paris-ce-qu-il-ne-faudra-pas-rater-de-la-nuit-blanche-2016 nuit-blanche-02-1191788078

Different artistic directors take over pockets of the city. Each produce incredible installations for the enjoyment of the thousands who come to experience the spectacle.

To see what else featured at this year’s carnival, visit the Nuit Blanche Facebook page.

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