This Hotel Room is Hanging Off the Side of a 400 Foot Cliff

This isn’t your typical hotel room. There’s no pool or hotel lounge, but what you will get is an amazing view – and possibly a case of vertigo from dangling off the side of a cliff 400-feet up.

For thrill-seekers looking for the ultimate adventurous overnight stay, consider the Skylodge Adventure Suites of Peru’s Sacred Valley. The hotel only has three rooms available and each of them is in the form of a capsule mounted to the side of the cliff. Check in isn’t exactly the norm either, as visitors to the hotel must access the rooms by using a zipline. Needless to say, bringing a large amount of luggage is not recommended and there is no bellhop.

The hotel pods were set up by Nature Vive, a travel company that wanted to give visitors a once in a lifetime experience by allowing them to literally stay on the side of a Via Ferrata. The first of its kind in the world, the hotel opened two summers ago and offers those brave enough to book an overnight stay, unprecedented views of the Sacred Valley of Cuzco — complete with breakfast and a gourmet dinner.

Assuming you’ve conquered your fear of height and would like to book a room, the views are quite fantastic. Just know that this will be the complete opposite of aspacious luxury suite.

Feel free to stretch out, but keep in mind that each pod is only 24 feet x 8 feet.

The rooms are made of aerospace aluminum and weather resistant polycarbonate. So don’t worry, a strong wind won’t blow them off the cliff.

No need to scroll through your phone while in the bathroom, because this is your view while sitting on the toilet.

There are only three rooms available and they’re often booked months in advance, so planning way ahead is essential.

If heights aren’t your thing you might want to consider something below sea level. Way below! (check out these 5 underwater hotels).

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