Tradu launch their new intuitive trading platform – What to Expect?

Created with a focus on simplicity and usability for both the expert and beginner trader, Tradu’s innovative platform has a wealth of features and offerings to take your trading to the next level. 

Featuring over 10,000 tradeable assets, it’s easy to trade across markets such as stocks, forex, crypto, indices and commodities. And with hundreds of trading tools at your disposal, Tradu provides plenty of opportunities to improve and enhance your trading portfolio. 

When asked about Tradu’s offerings, Global Head of Trading at Tradu, Paresh Patel, reveals that it has the, “ability to trade multi asset platform all in one. [Usually] in order to trade the full stack of financial instruments available you’d have to have multiple accounts. With Tradu you’ll be able to do crypto, FC, CFDs, indices, treasuries all in one place.”

It’s also easy “to transfer your money from one account to another, seamlessly. [With] other models you’ll have two different accounts and trade between providers and that transfer can take time and could cost money depending on how it’s done. We have all of that siloed under the Tradu name so it can be seamless – make a transfer and trade within a couple of minutes.”

It’s clear that the ethos behind Tradu was to make it unique and to set it apart from other trading platforms. As Kourosh Khanloo, the German division director, states, “Everyone offers the likes of CFDs but combining this with other products and having it on one platform is pretty unique. Add to this our 24/5 customer service in 15 languages and we think it’s pretty unique.”

With no sign of complicated features, confusing navigation or slow loading speeds, Tradu promises a seamless customer experience. Joe Harari, Tradu’s Software Programme Manager, speaks about the platform’s development, 

“Our current platform, which is built with the latest web technologies, has a completely new design and is significantly faster and more user-friendly. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but gets the core things right: “How do I trade?”, “How do I open a Chart?” etc. We’ve also reduced the need of users having to manually log in every time by building a brand-new state-of-the-art token system from scratch. Again, this has proved a massive success and significantly reduces friction – you just open the app and you’re logged in.”

Another key component of the platform are the clear fees and competitive spreads. Transparency is important when it comes to trading, as CEO Brendan Callan explains, 

“Access is a big [USP]. Not many multi asset brokers and not many that include ewallet. Pricing is a big part of [that and we’re] extremely competitive across the board. CFD offering is commission free and we have a spread tracker which shows our spreads against competition…hour by hour. And most of the time we’re going to [have] the tightest spreads available, among [the] top competition”.

With backing from leading global investment company, Jeffries, as well as 106 indicators and 37 drawing tools, Tradu is the place to leverage insights and spot a wealth of trading opportunities. 

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