Tumblr and truTV are Bringing Life Hacks to Television


Tumblr might have just hit peak internet, as it’s now about to cross over from the web into the world of television. Yes, there’s soon going to be a show based on the popular life hacks that people share on Tumblr.

The social media platform is teaming up with truTV, the network that brought us shows like “World’s Dumbest” and “Hardcore Pawn” to produce a show all about finding new ways to keep your bread fresh and your computer cables from getting tangled in a show titled, “Hack My Life.”

The content will largely be sourced from Tumblr users and people are encouraged to submit their own life hacks at hackmylifetrutv.tumblr.com. Finally, your trick for making ramen noodles in a coffee pot can now get the televised exposure it so desperately deserves. Puja Vohra, senior vice president of marketing and digital for truTV told EW that she hopes the show will prove to be both practical and sharable, i.e. a big hit.

“We’re turning truTV into a place where creative people come to play, and the Hack My Life Tumblr hub and weekly challenges are a perfect way to reach one of the world’s largest creative communities,” said Puja Vohra, senior vice president of marketing and digital for truTV in a statement. “By integrating Tumblr users into this series, we’re turning Hack My Life into a truly multi-platform experience that’s not only practical in terms of the many great things you can learn, but also incredibly engaging and sharable.”

This isn’t the first time that television has tried to create a show based on social media. Maybe you remember the failed sitcom from a few years back based on the popular Twitter account, “Shit My Dad Says”? The show didn’t last long and proved that unrelated 140 character jokes don’t necessarily translate into a 22-minute television show. ABC is trying another route of internet-to-television success by basing one of their new fall shows on the internet’s obsession with selfies. The show is called, you guessed it, “Selfie.”

We’ll find out if Tumblr’s life hacks can successfully transition into a TV show when the series debuts in January of 2015. Even if it fails miserably though, it certainly won’t be the last time that a TV network tries to make a show out of the internet.

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