Video Games of The Future Will Adjust to Your Emotions


In the not too far off future, video games may be able to react to the player’s emotions and adjust difficulty level in real time. In short, “Call of Duty” is about to get a lot more frustrating.

This November Microsoft will be launching their newest console, the Xbox One with upgraded Kinect. Kinect first made waves back in 2010 when the motion sensory device gave gamers the ability to do things like swing an imaginary bat or perfect a new dance move. Of course the new technology wasn’t without flaw and lacked the sensitivity for more intricate maneuvers. This is changing though.

A recent study at the University College London revealed that because players become so immersed in their gaming world they often have trouble shifting back to reality. Kinect’s upgrade will allow pieces of information to flow from the gamer because the data will be granular enough to detect extremely subtle signals. High-speed 1080p cameras can detect eye blinks and muscle flexes. The Kinect will be able to pick up fluctuations in a player’s facial blood flow to estimate heart rate. Yes, the console will be reading you!

What this means is that game developers will be able to study the way our body reacts to elements of a game and incorporate that into gameplay and development. Say you’re playing “Mortal Kombat”, the difficulty and intensity could increase with body movements. An Israeli company called, Umoove has already created compact head- and eye-tracking systems to adjust a player’s viewpoint based on head movements.

Does this mean gamers will develop special meditation and breathing techniques to get an edge on the competition? Maybe maybe not, but the virtual world of gaming just got a little bit more real.

Via Popsci

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