Watch The Full Halftime Show With Bruno Mars and RHCP From Super Bowl XLVIII

While the game itself might have been satisfying from a Seahawks point of view, crushing for Broncos fans and just boring for everybody else, the halftime show was a high point.

The show got off to a bit of an odd start with children singing, but then kicked it up with a drum solo from pop star Bruno Mars before the musician launched into “Locked Out of Heaven.” While Red Hot Chili Peppers brought an electric energy to the halftime show and turned in a solid performance of “Give It Away,” it was a bit disappointing to see the band limited to only one song.

Still, considering the Super Bowl’s history of downright terrible halftime shows (the N’Sync, Aerosmith, Britney Spears mess from 2000 is still upsetting to think about) “Super Bowl XLVIII” delivered solid halftime entertainment.

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