This is What Art Icons Would Look Like if They Were Millenials

Shusaku Takaoka is a genius Japanese graphic designer who uses razor-sharp editing skills to create witty, tongue-in-cheek artworks that will make you look at familiar culture images in a totally different light. Among other things, one of the artist’s favorite things is make an audience ponder what Vincent Van Gogh or the Mona Lisa would look like if they grew up in today’s world as millennial hipsters. Shusaku takes classic paintings and photoshops the iconic figures onto paparazzi shots, Vogue covers and film posters that will make you giggle and leave you wanting for more. While hilarious, the artworks also draw attention to the ways the world has changed over time.

Below are our favorite ingenious mash ups.


Visit Shusaku’s Instagram to see more hilarious history and pop culture mash ups.

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