What to Do With an Unwanted Walmart Visa Gift Card

Do you have an unwanted Walmart Visa gift card? Don’t throw it away yet! By shopping with your gift card, you can earn extra cash.

In addition to shopping at Walmart, use your gift card for purchases at other chains, including Sam’s, Walgreens, and Southwest Air. You can also use your gift card for online transactions, such as ordering pizza or subscribing to a digital magazine.

You can donate your gift card to charity if you’re a charitable person. You can also earn gift card money by selling your card. If you want to keep your gift card front and center, you can customize the card and make a homemade gift card holder.

Below you can learn more about what to do with your Walmart gift card.

Use it for Purchases

If you have an unwanted Walmart Visa Gift Card, one straightforward option is to use it for purchases. You can use the gift card to buy groceries, clothing, electronics, or any other items available at Walmart stores or any other retailer that accepts gift cards. 


If you feel philanthropic, consider donating the gift card to a local charity, food bank, or shelter. This act of generosity can positively impact others’ lives, turning your unwanted gift into a valuable resource for those in need.

Sell or Trade

Online platforms like Cardpool, Raise, and Gift Card Granny allow you to sell your unwanted gift card for a discounted price. While you may not receive the full face value, this option lets you recoup some of the card’s value in cash.

Some websites also offer the ability to trade your unwanted gift card for one from a different retailer. This can be a useful way to exchange a card you won’t use for one that’s more aligned with your preferences.


Regifting involves passing on the unwanted gift card to someone else who might appreciate it. This could be done on occasions like birthdays, holidays, or special events when giving gifts is customary. Make sure the recipient would actually find the card useful before regifting to ensure that your gesture is well-received and serves its intended purpose.

If you’re looking for a way to exchange your unwanted gift card for something more suitable, you can explore platforms. Visit the Prepaid2Cash homepage found here to learn more about their services and how they can help you convert your gift card into something more valuable to you.

Convert to Cash

While not always the most straightforward option, you might be able to convert the gift card into cash. You could consider selling the card to someone you know personally, like a friend or family member, who may be interested in using it.

Alternatively, you can explore online marketplaces that allow users to sell or exchange a Walmart visa gift card. However, be cautious and research these platforms to ensure they are reputable and safe.

Don’t Let Your Walmart Visa Gift Card Gather Dust

Utilizing an unwanted Walmart Visa gift card is easy. Gifting it to a friend or family member, exchanging it with a gift card from a more preferable retailer, or donating it are all great ways to make use of the card. Don’t let your unwanted Walmart Visa gift card go to waste – make the most of it today!

We hope you found this article helpful. If you did, be sure to check out our blog for more valuable information.

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