Why These Guys Decided to Have ‘Best Friends’ Photo Shoot

If you’re looking for a fun way to troll your significant other AND create a viral Facebook post, Joshua Hill and Brandon Hampton can show you how it’s done! The two friends took their bromance to the next level all the while spoofing the photo shoot that their wife and girlfriend had planned.

Tanisha and Lindsey had booked a photography session with Torrie Daniels of TRD Photography in Tellico Plains, Tennessee as a fun way to commemorate their friendship. Unbeknownst to Tanisha and Lindsey though, Tanisha’s boyfriend, Joshua Hill contacted Torrie to ask if he could book a session with his buddy and Lindsey’s husband Brandon Hampton. Do you see where this is going?

The two guys showed up in matching overalls and a case of Bud Light to lampoon the photo shoot. “We reenacted some of the girls’ photos, because they “wanted to show them how it’s done,” Daniels said. The approving wife and girlfriend even came along to supervise and offer suggestions.

The gag photo session turned out to be a major boost for TRD Photography after Torrie posted them to Facebook with the post generating 10,000 shares in just 48 hours. Her page was soon flooded with people wanting to book their own photo shoot. “I currently have 2 people planning a 5+ hour drive to our small town for pictures!” Daniels said.

Check out more of the hilarious photos below.

Coverage image TDR Photography

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