The World’s First “Rainforest Hotel” is Coming to Dubai, and it Looks Insane

Dubai has it all – the world’s biggest shopping mall, the world’s tallest building, some of the world’s most exquisite floating villas – and now it’s going to have the world’s first rainforest hotel. Picture this: waking up in a comfortable, posh hotel suite and making your way through a stunningly beautiful forest of waterfalls, trees and animals before stepping outside and into your day exploring the popular desert destination. That’s what architects of Zas Architects envisioned before planning their newest venture at the Rosemont Five Star Hotel & Residences.

Photo by Zas Dubai

The man-made jungle will be a part of the Rosemont Five Star Hotel & Residences in Dubai, right smack dab in the middle of the Arabian Desert. The hotel will house 450 rooms and 280 suites and offer unique amenities like manmade beaches, aquariums, infinity pools and more.

Hear that: there will also be a huge Jurassic-Park inspired marsh that may feature a large dinosaur, taking the rainforest to its most prehistoric state and giving guests a new attraction to see (and photo opportunity… of course).

Photo by Zas Architects

One of the coolest attractions offered at the hotel may be the “Rain Room” which, similar to the Rain Room at LACMA in California, is a 360-degree experience meant to stimulate the sensation of being in a tropical rainfall without getting wet. Like the LACMA Rain Room, the ceiling is covered with sensors designed to stop water flow within a two-meter radius of a person walking around the room. Wherever the room is void of human foot traffic, rain will fall from the ceiling and filter down through the floor. Pretty cool, no?

Photo by Zas Architects

The hotel ceilings change and rotate every week, and change from day to night to simulate the feel of being outdoors. The experience will be very surreal, and meant to transport guests into a world they wouldn’t expect to visit while traveling in the Middle East. There’s even talk of a large aquarium running through the rainforest, housing fish of all colors and sizes – like clown fishes and even whale sharks.

The rainforest will use recycled condensation from the towers to cool down the air in the room and create a cool escape from the desert heat. The hotel plans to sell tickets to the general public as well, so other travelers can visit the lush oasis without staying in the hotel. What won’t be accessible to the public will be interacting with the robotic hosts and greeters, who will assist hotel guests through their stay.

It seems as though anything is possible in Dubai – a city that prides itself on innovation and creativity in hospitality. Dubai already has its own artificial islands, underwater villas, man-made ski slopes, ice-skating rinks and some of the world’s most intense skyscrapers, so it only makes sense that it would be the host of such an impressive project.

The hotel is currently undergoing construction and is scheduled for completion in 2018. Looks like it’s time to start planning a trip.




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