5 Up & Coming Areas of Las Vegas

Las Vegas, widely recognized for its vibrant nightlife, entertainment, and gaming industry, is so much more than the Las Vegas Strip, which draws millions of visitors every year. As the city expands and diversifies, several neighborhoods are emerging as exciting areas of growth and opportunity. Here’s a look at five up-and-coming areas of Las Vegas that are capturing attention for their unique offerings.

Ascension Summerlin

Ascension Summerlin is undoubtedly one of the brightest stars in the Las Vegas growth story. Located on the western edge of the city, this community offers a blend of contemporary living with a touch of luxury. The architectural designs are modern, emphasizing open spaces and natural light.

Apart from beautiful homes, Ascension Summerlin boasts numerous amenities that cater to a wide range of residents. From parks, trails, and community centers to top-tier schools and shopping centers, the area fosters a sense of community while providing everything one might need within arm’s reach.

Downtown Arts District

The Downtown Arts District, or 18b, offers a cultural divergence from the glitzy image of Las Vegas. It’s a hub for artists, musicians, and creatives, with galleries, studios, and eclectic boutiques lining the streets.

This district comes alive during the monthly “First Friday” art walks and various other festivals celebrating art, music, and local culture. It’s an ever-evolving area that is drawing both residents and tourists to experience a different side of Las Vegas.


Situated in the northern part of Las Vegas, Skypointe is an emerging neighborhood praised for its strategic location near major highways and the North Las Vegas Airport. This offers both residential and commercial opportunities.

With an influx of new businesses, restaurants, and shops, Skypointe is rapidly becoming a favorite for families and professionals looking for convenience without the hustle and bustle of central Vegas.


The Huntridge neighborhood, with its rich history and iconic Huntridge Theater, is seeing a new wave of interest. Efforts to preserve and rejuvenate the historical landmarks are paired with new residential and commercial developments.

Here, modern cafes and businesses coexist with vintage homes, offering residents a unique blend of Las Vegas’s history and its promising future.

Lake Las Vegas

Located about 20 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, Lake Las Vegas offers resort-style living with its man-made lake and Mediterranean-inspired architecture.

This area is perfect for those who prefer a serene environment with options for boating, golfing, and spa retreats. With a mix of luxurious villas and affordable homes, Lake Las Vegas attracts both permanent residents and those looking for a vacation home.

The Evolving Landscape of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is constantly evolving, and these five up-and-coming areas represent the diversity and growth potential of the city. From the modern appeal of Ascension Summerlin to the serene beauty of Lake Las Vegas, there’s something in the city for everyone. Whether you’re considering relocating, investing, or just being curious about the new developments in the city, these neighborhoods are worth watching.

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