A Guide to Air Force 1 vs Jordan 1 Sneakers

Sneakers are essential pieces to have in your wardrobe for style and versatility, and two of the best options for a classic look are Air Force 1 vs. Jordan 1. The Jordan Brand has sold an estimated 150 million pairs of sneakers, while the Air Force One is a subject of songs.

There’s fierce competition between Air Force sneakers and Jordan sneakers when you have the money to add to your growing collection. The challenge is determining the best fit and investment for your hard-earned cash.

The good news is that you’ve discovered this beneficial guide to the best options to add and the differences between both shoes. Continue reading to buy your next pair of kicks today!

What to Know About the Jordan 1s

The Jordan 1 was the first signature shoe developed and designed for Michael Jordan. Released in 1985, it became an instant icon for shoe collectors and basketball players. The initial model used a Chicago Bulls colorway, with more recent releases changing the shoe’s appearance.

It’s a comfortable shoe with excellent canvas or leather upper ankle support. Your Jordan 1s are a fantastic way to show your style and personality. You’ll find several brilliant colorways and collaborations to help you step up your shoe game when you find Jordans.

The primary drawback wearers encounter is friction on the ankles. You’ll notice rubbing when walking or running. The issue resolves itself with more wear, but it’s something to know about before buying a pair of Jordan 1s. The Jordan sneakers fit true to size, so purchase your typical size.

What to Know About Air Force 1s

The Air Force 1 sneaker is another classic from Nike, and they’re legitimate shoes for going out or heading to the basketball court. They came out a few years before the Jordan 1 sneakers, with a release date in 1982. They remain a popular shoe option for collectors worldwide.

The upper portion of the shoe blends leather with canvas to improve performance and create a unique look. Air Force 1s are light despite their size, making them excellent sneakers if you value versatility. You’ll also love the cushioning of the Air Force 1 vs. Jordan 1.

If you prefer a larger toebox for your footwear, the Air Force 1 is your best option. You’ll enjoy more space to sprawl your toes while enjoying a snug fit for improved athletic performance.

Many people find the Air Force sneakers to be more comfortable than Jordans. Consider the Air Force 1 sneakers for wider feet for increased comfort when out with friends.

Buy Your First Pair of Air Force 1 vs. Jordan 1 Sneakers

Upgrading your sneaker collection starts with identifying classic shoes to add to your closet or wardrobe, and the best options start with the Air Force 1 vs. Jordan 1 sneaker. The Jordan 1 was designed for Michael Jordan and used the iconic Chicago Bulls colorway. The Air Force 1 came out a few years earlier and provides more comfort for individuals with wide feet.

Starting a collection of sneakers is a road map through shoe history that will keep you entertained. Read more of our Entertainment blog content to discover new ideas and passions today!

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