A Thousand Kids With Stickers Created an Art Exhibit Like You’ve Never Seen

You might not think of asking a 6-year-old to take on the project of decorating a room, but take a thousand 6-year-olds and thousands of stickers and the result is truly awesome.

That’s exactly what artist Yayoi Kusama aimed to do with an exhibit at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. Yayoi constructed his canvas as an all white living room, and over the course of two weeks had children visiting the museum contribute to his master plan with thousands of multi-colored dot stickers.


The series of photos show how starting with one sticker and a few small hands, the room begins to breakout in a burst of color. Look a little closer at the photographs, and you’ll notice the stickers take on beautiful designs, showcasing the power of a child’s imagination. The installation is called “The Obliteration Room” and is part of Yayoi’s Look Now, See Forever exhibition.







Via ThisIsColassal

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