Scott Weaver Spent 35 Years Building This 100,000 Toothpick Masterpiece

Few artists have the dedication of toothpick sculptor Scott Weaver. He’s spent 35 years and over 100,000 toothpicks building this incredible, and still evolving replica of San Francisco. Saying that Scott takes his hobby seriously would be an understatement.


Titled Rolling Through the Bay, the amazing kinetic sculpture doubles a tour of the city by the bay’s neighborhoods and sights with ping-pong balls. The balls start at the top and weave their way down the track over the Bay Bridge and through Chinatown.

The scope and detail given to this project is hard to fathom and was built with just wood glue over the course of 3,000 hours. While Scott was the sole builder of the project, family and friends did their own part by giving him toothpicks from such places as Kenya, Morocco, Spain, West Germany and Italy.



Via ThisIsColossal

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