Three Ways iOS7 Will Change Your Next Apple Device

The iPhone you use to make dinner reservations, check your email, and shoot your kid’s soccer game with is an all-in-one device, but it’s about to change. Here’s three things iOS7 will influence about your next mobile device.

1. It will have a user interface with physics engine…


Matt Webb, the founder of London UX studio Berg, says that we’re going t see a UI hybridized with a physics engine. “As flat as the visual design of iOS 7 is, this is where Apple’s skeuomorphs have gone: Into the behavior of the UI itself,” said Webb. It’s pretty cool to think that you’re phone will respond to what your doing – whether it’s going for a jog in the park or laying out by the pool.

2. Get ready for color customization…


iOS will add new color customization to your next iPhone with each app having its own “mood color” that correlates with the background color. Not only will apps have certain colors, but we can expect an entire new color pallet of iPhone/iPad bodies (and it’s about time). Users will also be able to customize their iOS skin to compliment their iPad/iPhone. No more boring, grays, blacks, and whites.

3. New sensors mean new interactions…


With any new iPhone you’re likely to get new sensors and the iPhone5s is going to be no different. Scratch that, it WILL be different because it might have a fingerprint sensor that would work with the iOS interface based on the users data. This will further strengthen user’s security settings, whether they happen to be at work, home, or anywhere really.

Via Gizmodo

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