AI Tried to Create Inspirational Quotes, and it Went Hilariously Wrong

AI is a concept that both excites and terrifies us. Machine learning systems are set to revolutionize and streamline the way we live, work, and interact with one another, yet many people are still unnerved by the idea of creating sentient machines that could very quickly become smarter than us.

That’s why we (not so) secretly love it when an AI gets it wrong. Meet Inspirobot, an AI designed to take over the arduous task of creating those ‘inspirational-quotes-on-pretty-pictures’ you often see on your Facebook feed.

Think “Trust your wings and you will fly” kind of thing. The cliches seem like a pretty simple thing to nail, right? Inspirobot has given it a shot by randomly splicing existing quotes with pretty backdrops – with some pretty bizarre, oddly poignant and sometimes just downright hilarious results.

See some of our favorites below:

On its website, Inspirobot claims to be ‘an artificial intelligence dedicated to generating unlimited amounts of unique inspirational quotes for endless enrichment of pointless human existence.’ Enrichment I don’t know, but laughter, definitely.

Sometimes they don’t make sense at all. But most of the time, Inspirobot manages to produce some pure gold that makes us, humans, feel good about ourselves after all.

Robots, you can win on many things, but there’s still a long way to go to be spiritual.

Visit to generate some of your own. Be careful, it’s oddly addictive.

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