Interesting Facts about Ford you may not have known

Henry with Model T Transcontinental Race Team
1. Ford is the second largest family owned company in the world.

2. In 1899, Henry Ford obtained funding from William H. Murphy and established the Detroit Automobile Company. He initially struggled to produce something that was inexpensive enough to break into the mainstream. Failing at this led him to dissolve his first company in 1901
3. The first Ford ever sold was to Dr. Pfennig in 1903. It cost $850 at the time, had a 2-cylinder engine, and could reach a max speed of 30 mph.


4. Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were extremely close. So close that Ford asked Edison’s son to preserve Edison’s last exhale in a test tube and seal it with a cork. Ford kept the tube as a memorial to his “life and breath”.


fordempire5. In 1965, the Ford Mustang was transported in 4 pieces to the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Having been brought up in resident elevators it was reassembled and photographed with a helicopter.

6. Ford pioneered the idea of welfare capitalism. In 1914, Ford established the “$5 day wage” – $110 by today’s standards – more than double the standard wage at the time. Creating such a strong incentive, many of the best mechanics in Detroit pursued careers with the expanding car company.


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