Hail Wrecked Havoc On Nebraska And The Photos Are Incredible


Mother Nature hit the midwest with some serious power last week with a massive storm that included some pretty devastating hail. Laughing Squid picked up on some of the great photography from Mike Hollingshead who was chasing the storm.

While Hollingshead was in Columbus, Nebraska anticipating the storm to become a tornado, the storm was raining hail the size of grapefruits down on the community of Blair, Nebraska. Mike Hollingshead wrote that the storm was the worst he’d seen:

“Blair, like many other towns in the path of this storm I was on and left, simply got trashed. Worst hail damage I’ve ever seen in person and it’s in my home town.”

The photos show the damage that the giant balls of ice are capable of, slicing off tree branches and leaving car windshields smashed. It’s a humbling reminder of just how dangerous a hail storm can be.





See more photos at Mike Hollingshead’s website.

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