Is Appearing on ‘Shark Tank’ Always a Good Business Move?

shark tank

Landing a spot on “Shark Tank” seems like the ultimate break for a new business looking to jump-start itself. Win over Mark Cuban and his team’s approval and you could find yourself with a multi-million dollar investment. Even if they pass, new businesses still get the exposure of ABC’s 8 million viewers, and that’s obviously a major pro.

Still, like everything, there’s always a downside. So what exactly are the pros and cons of throwing your new product or business in the “Shark Tank?”

1. You may not agree with the Sharks. They’re going to make harsh criticisms that you may not want to hear. While this seems like a con, if you take those criticisms and learn from them you could benefit from it.


2. You get the “Shark Tank” credit. People will take note that your business was on the show and instantly give it more notice. Krause of Scrub Daddy told, “The credibility that you get from ‘Shark Tank’ is incredible. It’s brand recognition. People associate us with it, and you get to be a quasi-celebrity.”

3. There’s nothing like “Shark Tank” PR. Their team has some serious PR reps behind it and the entire team is aimed at helping new businesses out.


4. It can be hard sharing the pie. If you want the help of Team Cuban, you’re going to have to cut Cuban a slice of that pie. Hicks of Villy Customs: “I realized I’d need to give up quite a bit to get the $1.5 million in funding from Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran. For what we wanted to do, $50,000 wasn’t going to help our company. But giving them a big piece of the pie is certainly hard to do.”

So there you have it. While there may be some tough pills to swallow with going on “Shark Tank” and trying to win over the judges for your new business, they hardly outweigh the pros. It instantly legitimizes your business and gives you some terrific publicity.

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