Artist Creates Incredible Portraits With the Palm of His Hand

California-based artist Russell Powell combines traditional oil painting techniques with experimental body art to create detailed portraits using his own palm as a stamp. First painting a picture onto the palm of his hand, Russell then makes an imprint onto paper while the paint is still wet. The result is a delicately textured, one-of-a-kind print. Unlike traditional paintings, that often have defined edges and smooth strokes, each of Russell’s pieces are defined by the edges of his hand. It’s a unique signature, where the fingerprints of the artist permeate the work itself.

Russell’s incredible hand stamp paintings have amassed him 107k followers on Instagram. It’s not hard to see why.

Russell says it took him two and a half years to perfect the hand stamping technique. He is completely self-taught, and has worked as an elementary school teacher for sixteen years. He credits his students as major inspiration for his work.

Russell donates his work and money from commissioned pieces to causes he is passionate about, including the water protectors and documentary efforts taking place at Standing Rock. He recently partnered with Make Love Not Scars, an organization raising awareness for victims of acid attacks in India.

Visit his website to get your hands on some of his work.

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