¡Ay Caramba! Michelada is Your Solution to Bad Beer

We’ve all been there, it’s a hot summer’s day with the grill churning out burgers and dogs in full force and there’s a drink in every hand. You reach into the cooler to grab a Corona and the minute it hits your lips you realize you’ve got a skunk bottle.

Before you smash it to the ground and demand whoever brought the defunct beer be tossed into the street, take a moment to realize there is a solution – the michelada.


Mexican beer is the leading consumed import beer in the states with Corona leading the pack, followed by Modelo Especial. Both perfectly fine beers for a casual cookout but sometimes you just want something a little more flavorful, or need a tasty fix for the occasional skunk bottle. The michelada is a the perfect way to transform any sub-par Mexican beer into something that would have Pancho Villa firing shots into the air.

The folks over at GQ have put together a great recipe that anybody can pull off:

• Salt
• Juice of 1/2 lime
• Preferred hot sauce
• Worcestershire sauce
• Beer
• Lime wedge

Salt the rim of a chilled glass. Add the lime juice and a dash of the Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce to taste. Fill the glass with ice and pour your beer of choice to the brim. Add the lime wedge and boom! You’re done amigo.

Try it with a Negro Modelo, Dos XX Amber or MateVeza’s Black Lager for an even better taste.

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